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Our Origins

Accuron Industrial Technologies is an division of Accuron Technologies Limited, an International Precision Engineering and Technology Group, having core competencies in precision manufacturing, material processing, systems design and system integration, with decades of experience serving the Aerospace, Medical and Industrial equipment industries.


With more than 30 sites globally, Accuron Technologies is committed to provide high performance and quality solutions to its international clientele.

More about Accuron Technologies

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Value Creation

  • Courage

  • Commitment

  • Compassion

Management Team


Dr Mike Mattner

In January 2017 Dr Mike Mattner joined Accuron group in the capacity of joint managing director of Sitec Aerospace GmbH in Bad Tölz, Germany. In December 2017 he was promoted and became managing director of Accuron Industrial Technologies GmbH in Munich, Germany. In August 2017 mechatronic GmbH in Villach, Austria was acquired. In June 2018 he became chairman of the supervisory board of esmo AG in Rosenheim.


Dr Mattner has completed his Ph.D. from TUM University and holds a business administration degree with majors in corporate strategy and environmental economics at FernUniversität Hagen in Germany.

Dr Mattner has worked in several organisation in leadership role and brings 20 over years of solid experience to the group with his entrepreneurial and industrial skills.

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