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esmo AG | Automation | Semicon Manipulator

esmo AG was established in 2001 and has successfully established itself in the global economy as an internationally operating enterprise with an extensive sales and support network in China, Germany, Singapore and the United States of America to serve its global customers globally.
Today, esmo Group’s global operations are well recognized by the various industry sectors as esmo automation (plant engineering, system integration, and automation technology), esmo semicon (manipulators, docking and interfacing products for the international semiconductor industry) and flextos GmbH (special purpose machines and tools for the construction industry).

Brückenstraße 1 | 83022 Rosenheim | Germany
Phone +49 8031 233 88 0 | Fax +49 8031 233 88 10


mechatronic systemtechnik GmbH | Automated Wafer Handling

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mechatronic systemtechnik GmbH was founded in 1988. For many years, mechatronic has been the leading manufacturer of automated wafer handling systems for the advanced semiconductor industry. As a high tech company headquartered in Villach, Austria, mechatronic is a trusted partner for leading semiconductor manufacturers and OEMs for handling of thin/ultra-thin, FOWLP/eWLB, glass and MEMS wafers as well as frames panels used for the fast growing automotive and communication industry.
The company's wafer handling (EFEM), packing / unpacking, sorting, and TAIKO ring removing systems are equipped with special end effector, chucks, robots and pre-aligners in order to ensure safe and reliable transport of even the most critical wafers.
mechatronic is always in proximity to customers due to its regional sales and service locations close to all major semiconductor industry centres.

Tiroler Straße 80 | A-9500 Villach | Austria
Phone: +43 4242 33 999 0 | Fax: +43 4242 33 999 10

Zasche handling GmbH | Material Handling


Zasche handling GmbH was founded in 1932. The Company started out as specialist in steel and crane construction and evolved into the market leader for handling technology.
Its portfolio encompasses a wide range starting from simple manually operated manipulators up to semi-automated manipulators, jib cranes, light crane systems, lifting devices or steel construction. Zasche handling provides solutions for any product, for all industrial sectors.
Zasche has a well-established sales network and service stations right across Europe and agencies all around the world to provide the best possible support to its customers.

Markham-Straße 13 | D-86720 Nördlingen | Germany
Phone: +49 9081 8017 0 | Fax: +49 9081 8017 971

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