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Integrity is one of Accuron’s core values and the group is committed to high standards of corporate governance and accountability.

Code of Conduct

All Directors and employees of the Accuron Group (“Accuron”) are expected to carry out our duties as required and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We will observe high standards of business and personal ethics, honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities within all applicable laws and regulations.

Whistle Blowing

Accuron has a clear policy of transparency and non-retaliation against whistle blowers.  We have put in place an external hotline (“Hotline”), for our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees to report any alleged fraud, corruption or unethical conduct.  


To preserve independence and objectivity, the hotline is managed by an external service-provider engaged by Accuron.  The service-provider will route an incident report to the appropriate management representative or directly to the Chairman of Accuron's Audit & Risk Committee, after assessing the nature and gravity of each whistle-blowing incident.



To the extent that the law and the investigative process allow, all reports received, including the identity of the person making the report and the parties involved, will be handled in strict confidence.  In certain situations, it may be necessary for a reporting party to make a statement to the relevant law enforcement authorities or give evidence in court. 


The whistle blower may make an anonymous report, or request the service-provider not to disclose his identity to Accuron. However, we encourage persons making a report to provide his/her contact information to facilitate investigations and to enable us to provide updates on the progress of the matter. 

Making a Report

Please note that the Hotline is hosted on a third-party website and your access and use of the third-party website or other facility provided by the service provider is subject to the terms and conditions associated with it. 

If you wish to make a report on the Hotline, please click “I Agree” to indicate your consent for Accuron and/or our service-providers to:

  1. collect, use, transfer, store or otherwise process information that may be linked to specific individuals (“”) in order to report, assess, investigate and make a determination with respect to matters on which a report is made on the Hotline (“”);

  2. disclose and/or transfer (including across borders), your Personal Data to Accuron and/or our service-providers for the Purpose.

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